Creating Value from CO2

Up-cycling CO2 into valuable, multi-functional carbon materials



Cool is a CO2 utilisation spin-out from the University of Cambridge. 

We believe CO2 represents a source of carbon that can be used to make valuable materials. 

By making advanced carbon materials from CO2 we aim to close the carbon cycle, permanently.  


Our unique technology is permanently carbon negative, profitable and scalable.

Our end product is an advanced forms of carbon that has applications in construction, aerospace, defence, and more. 


By installing our on-site CO2 refinery, we can decarbonise industrial point source plants.

The end products are sold to industry, ofsetting the carbon capture cost and making emissions reductions profitable.




Our team is comprised of highly qualified postgraduates who met during their time at Cambridge. 

Through an innovative design which was built upon established chemical processes, after many hours of trial and error conducted by the founders, our work was born. 

Since then much has changed, and we are excited to announce we will be expanding soon.

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